Dear Real Estate Investor —

HERE ARE THE FACTS?If you truly want to build wealth and make money investing in real estate then you have to become a TRANSACTION ENGINEER.? We offer affordable online training to teach you how.? Click Here to get 3 Free Training Videos (no selling).? Or, keep reading to learn more…


Definition of a Transaction Engineer

A Transaction Engineer is a real estate investor that is in the real estate investing business for the long term.? He/she is someone that is committed to investing the right way and knows how to invest in any type of real estate deal. He/she is someone that knows how to invest when times are good and when times are bad. Whether it is a buyers market or a sellers market? Knows how to creatively invest with or without cash, without credit, with or without getting ownership of a property, and with as little risk as possible.? Striving to be a Transaction Engineer is the ONLY way you should approach this business.

But there’s one catch to being a Transaction Engineer ? Only the most confident, driven and determined real estate investors will ultimately establish themselves as a transaction engineer.? Please keep reading to learn and decide if you believe you have what it takes…


Can You Handle The Truth?

I want you to know, that a committed and self-made millionaire (from real estate investing) is here for you and truly wants to open your eyes and inspire you about the real income potential of real estate, despite what you may hear in the media.? In fact, I would wager that you and I are not all that different.? I was once a flat-broke southern boy from Kentucky who took the bus to work everyday, struggled to pay my bills, had growing credit card debt, and no money in the bank.

I recall one year in my past-life when things couldn?t look any worse…UNTIL I read a book about the power and potential of real estate investing, and then I WAS HOOKED FOREVER!? It completely transformed my mind and gave me enough motivation to want to learn more.? As a result, I?ve never looked back since.? I am now a 2-time best selling author, millionaire real estate investor, speaker and mentor, and this was all achieved by the ripe old age of 28.

I share this little bit of personal history with you to give you hope and to prove to you that if a broke guy from Kentucky can start at the bottom and find a way to the top, then so can you.? You just have to do two things:? (1) Turn off your ears to disbelievers & negative people.? (2) Want it bad enough!


Dear Brian…I recently closed my first real estate investing deal and decided to take a few minutes to reflect on it.? I worked very hard to get this deal closed and I couldn?t have done it without the help of my coach, Brian Evans.

Brian played a major role in the success of the deal.? He coached me during every step of the way and made sure I stayed completely focused.? Of course there were many challenges I faced with this being my first deal, but Brian pushed me to make sure I never let them prevent me from achieving my ultimate goal, closing my first deal!

The lessons that I have learned, both good and bad, will all help me in my future deals.? I also know that I have an amazing coach and mentor that will help ensure I never let any hiccups get in the way.

Brian, thanks for taking me under your wing and training me to be the best real estate investor I can be.? I appreciate all you do and look forward to working with you on many more deals to come!? Best, Stacey Henderson Jacksonville, FL.


Who Can Become a Transaction Engineer?

(1) The small business owner who is “working too hard to make a living” or always worrying about where the next customers are coming from.

(2) Owners, Presidents, executives of mid-sized companies frustrated with slow growth, tough and “cheap price” competition, wondering where your next big business breakthrough might come from.

(3) Men and women stuck in unfulfilling jobs, eager to own their own businesses, to find new opportunities, to go from “9 To 5” to “MY OWN BOSS”, to do something interesting and exciting.

(4) Sales professionals struggling to gain ground… weary of “cold” prospecting, tired of fighting just to get an opportunity to sell, thinking ‘there must be a better way.

(5) E-Commerce and Internet savvy people with the ambition to use their knowledge for profit.

(6) Even authors, speakers, coaches and consultants will be “blown away” by the opportunities, strategies, by the whole world they didn’t know existed, its doors thrown open wide with real estate.

(7) And ANYONE who simply wants to get more done, to make more money, grow massive wealth, to act with greater confidence, to think more creatively, even to be healthier, more in control of their life and future.


How To Get Started Investing In Real Estate?

Before I tell you what real estate investing is, I first want to tell you what it is not.? Good news, it?s not rocket science, or a business that requires a 6th sense.? Nor does it require money, credit, or previous experience to achieve great success.

Instead, this business is nothing more than simple math and a simple system.? I don?t care whether you are a seasoned investor or a ?just off the boat? investor, you CAN make great money in this business IF you have 3 things: (1) Internal Passion/Desire (2) The right Training/Systems (3) Proper Support/Guidance.

Here?s the simple math part of the business.? Think about it like this, if you buy a widget for $10.00 and you sell it for $15.00 then you made five bucks.? The only difference with real estate is that you add a few more zeros.? Therefore, if you buy a house for $100,000 and sell it for $150,000 then you made $50,000!? Ok, I know that number might be difficult for you to comprehend so lets just say that you sell the same house for $115,000 and you make $15,000.? How many of those deals do you need to do in a month to surpass your current income?

Here?s the simple system part of the business.? There are 5 steps to success as a real estate investor and if you sway from any of these five steps you will NOT succeed.? However if you follow these 5 simple steps that I am about to share with you no matter what type of deal you pursue then you WILL succeed, it is only a matter of time.


The Training Will Outline The 5 Steps to Ultimate Success when BUYING HOUSES & SELLING HOUSES:

Step #1:? Locate Sellers & Buyers

Step #2:? Prescreen Sellers & Buyers

Step #3:? Construct and Present Offers to Sellers & Buyers

Step #4:? Follow up and Get a Commitment from Sellers & Buyers

Step #5:? Close Quickly, GET PAID, and Repeat


Hi Brian, In my current real estate investing business your Transaction Engineer program has been the key component to getting my business launched.? I want to thank you for the amazing tools.? You have such a clear system to making this business work.? The literature that you provide is easy to understand and unlike other programs that I have in my collection, yours breaks down each part of the process giving me all the information I need to be very successful in real estate.? Thank you again for creating this program and sharing it with myself and other investors.? You have a great gift in your teaching methods and style that enables others to learn from you easily?and make a lot of money along the way.? Best Regards, Elizabeth Lisk, Lake Forest, IL.


Every successful business in the world has systems and steps that are followed day in and day out.? A business can?t run without a system and step-by-step processes.? Correction, a PROFITABLE business can?t run without a system and step-by-step processes.

Will These Transaction Engineer Investing Methods Work Where You Live?

Real estate investing works wherever there are houses and wherever there are people.? That?s right, it works EVERYWHERE.? I believe it is best to invest in an area you are familiar with such as your local market.? The more familiar you are with your local market the more successful you?ll be and the more confident you?ll be in the investment decisions that you make.? This doesn?t mean that you have to be an expert and know every little detail about your area but it does mean that you should have a strong understanding of it.? With a strong general knowledge you?ll be able to best determine whether you want to hold a property or flip a property based on the various area conditions in your market.? Market info is available from the US census bureau, chambers of commerce, real estate professionals, banks and lenders, tax rolls, industry publications, online websites, etc.


When is the Best Time To Invest In Real Estate?

It seems like you can?t open a newspaper these days without reading something about the financial problems people are having with real estate, unemployment, the economy, foreclosures, bankruptcy, etc.? The good news is that it truly doesn?t matter what the economy is doing.? When you invest the right way and set yourself and your business up to be a TRANSACTION ENGINEER then you can make money and grow wealth both when times are good and when times are bad, and this really is the only way you should approach this business.

A better question for you to consider is this.? When would NOW be a good time to start generating income and building your wealth by investing in real estate?


Why Should You Become A Transaction Engineer?

You may be thinking to yourself why should you consider taking the time to invest in real estate and become a transaction engineer when you already have so many other things going on in your life?? It?s a fair question, and I have a fair answer for you.? Because you deserve to finally reap the financial rewards of your daily efforts and do it while sleeping comfortably at night under a blanket of real estate wealth, which is something that no other business opportunity can provide.

No matter how much you wish for change, things will always stay the same unless you take action and make an effort to try something NEW, and EXCITING, like real estate investing.


My thoughts about Brian…I?m a strong believer in the saying that if you feed a man a fish, he eats for a day, and that if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. But when you?re investing your last fish to learn person to teach you how to fish for a lifetime, the fear can be intense. This was the situation I found myself in.

Having the opportunity to learn from a master in a field that you have a desire to learn about, is ridiculously priceless. The amount of brain-picking Brian lets you do is pretty generous. My advice to anyone planning on getting training or mentoring from Brian, or anyone else for that matter, would be to develop a hunger to learn. No matter how great a teacher may be, a student is not likely to learn much without a desire to learn.? Also, keep in mind that you?re not only learning about a business on real estate investing. You?re also learning about yourself, so always stay aware of this and allow yourself to see more ways to grow. This training is definitely intense, but also really fun and enlightening. But don?t expect to learn everything there is to learn, because there is always something else to learn.

I admit I haven?t worked with many mentors, but I am very skeptical that there is anyone else offering the kind of help that Brian offers and in the way he offers it. My perception of Brian after receiving what he?s given me thus far, is that he genuinely has an actual desire to help people that are genuinely willing to help themselves. I believe that he not only wants to teach his students how to fish, but wants to teach them? how to teach themselves? how to fish.

Thanks for everything, Brian. I have a feeling that I owe you much more than what I paid you.

Thaddeus Rivaldo, Rochester, NY


You Will Learn How To Invest and Make Money In Real Estate The Following Ways?

Below are the primary ways to generate income and build wealth in real estate, however each numbered bullet below can literally be seen as an individual business model all by itself.? In fact I could create dozens of different buying and selling scenarios with each model.

Buying Houses:

  • Buy for cash at a discount
  • Take over debt
  • Buy with seller financing
  • Buy on a Short Sale
  • Buy REO’s
  • Buy wholesale from other investors
  • Buy on a Lease Option
  • Buy using your Self Directed Roth IRA and get tax-free profits for life!
  • And more…

Selling Houses:

  • Retail the property
  • Wholesale a property
  • Assign a contract
  • Lease Option/Rent To Own
  • Cash flow from the monthly payment of your tenant buyer.
  • Cash out money when/if your tenant buyer exercises the option to buy.
  • Sell with seller financing
  • Sell your seller carry back note
  • Sell your dead leads to Realtors
  • And more…


Additionally, there are countless other income streams associated with this business with infinite possibilities that would amaze you beyond belief, and it really isn’t that complicated with the right tools, resources and systems in place.

Ultimately if you want to be very wealthy from real estate investor then you need to become a Transaction Engineer.? That means you need to know and apply MULTIPLE ways to buy and sell properties.? The more ways that you know how to buy and sell real estate, the more deals you can do, the more money you?ll make, the more confident you?ll be, the more control you?ll have, the more freedom you?ll have, the more secure your life will be.

Rip-Offs and Poorly Created Information is Everywhere, and This Makes Me Mad.? So, I’ve Decided to Step Forward and Shout The Truth About How To Achieve Real Success Investing in Real Estate.

If you?ve tried real estate course after course and still been unable to establish the business of your dreams, it?s probably NOT YOUR FAULT.? You?re likely a victim the real estate investing industry?s smoke and mirror secrets that other trainers don?t share with you.? Do NOT blame yourself for lacking the skills or not trying hard enough or anything like that because it really isn?t your fault.? I promise to show you that YOU CAN SUCCEED AND BUILD A STRONG PORTFOLIO OF PROPERTIES TO ALLOW YOU TO RETIRE VERY COMFORTABLY.

Allow me expose the ?classic? problems that unsuspecting investors such as yourself are left in the dark about when making decisions about spending money for real estate success material.? Friends, there is more to this business than simply buying and selling properties.? This is a real business that requires systems, due diligence, a legal foundation, cash reserves, proper analysis, multiple income streams, and down right hard work.? If you’re thinking it will be easy then you are kidding yourself.

Ultimately you need to understand this business inside and out if you want to succeed.? You will spend a lifetime of hard work to get where you want to go.? And if you want to cut your learning curve by more than 75% then you?ve come to the right place.

The enormity of all the money you?ve been letting slip through the fingers of your business?the realization of giant opportunities squandered?the sophisticated complexity yet simplicity of the information you are about to read may be too much for you to take.? You may become depressed.? You may go looking for a hole to crawl into, or a ledge to jump off of.


You will be motivated like never before in your life by the epic opportunities lying right in front of you to dramatically increased profits as well as reduce costly mistakes.? Maybe even strive to reinvent your real estate investing business 100% for the better.

Ultimately, my motive is simply this?I want to help you.? It really is this simple.? I am passionate about investing in real estate as a Transaction Engineer and showing others how to do the same.? I know from personal experience you will ?see the light? about all this, and be financially stronger, safer, smarter, and happier as a result of this new knowledge.


I write this to give a few thoughts on Brian, and I hope this gives some insight to others.

I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in real estate.? I believe that anyone can benefit from this experience if he or she approaches it with an open mind, an eye for honest criticism and a willingness to think out of the box.? My observation is that even someone whose system is running smoothly can benefit from Brian?s transaction engineer style. I must extend my genuine and heartfelt thanks to Brian.? I sincerely believe that the education he provided me was worth far more than any mere monetary value that was reciprocated.? I also want to thank his support team for their friendly and gracious support.? Please accept my gratitude.? Edward Payne, New Orleans, LA.


The 3 Free Videos Will Outline For You How To:
  • Doversify your real estate investing business during these uncertain economic times so you can have multiple sources of cash flow.
  • Stop wasting money on hidden business costs so that your time can be focused on the generation of new income.
  • Dramatically increase the number of sellers and buyers who call you within your business.
  • Equip you with methods and strategies that not only provide great results but that have high integrity and are simple to implement.
  • Get the ?quality? not just the ?quantity? of business you desire and deserve.
  • Immunize and protect your real estate investing business from present and future threats within this ever changing market.
  • Capitalize on the present and ongoing influx of foreclosures & REO’s and alternative methods of property acquisitions.
  • Literally become ?famous? as both a credible expert and a celebrity in your community, which automatically multiplies the results of all your marketing efforts.
  • Intelligently use and benefit from the mistakes that I?ve made as a real estate investor so that you can grow your empire with confidence.
  • Become absolutely freed from any worries about where your next deal is coming from, once and for all, and forever.


This is Very Important

By making the decision to take action TODAY, you?ll begin to find yourself among a class of Elite real estate investors from big cities and small towns all over the country.? Some with big businesses, some with small businesses, some who went from struggle to prosperity, some still struggling to get all the pieces put together, and some with huge incomes…some who?ve increased their earnings and slashed their expenses while taking more time off than ever before, for family or personal interests.

If you seem to have a hard time implementing what you know and learn, if you feel you?re working too hard for your living, if you are ready to finally break through to top income levels as a real estate investor, if you are worried about things ? recession, government, competition ? and would love to insulate your real estate investing business from it, YOU WILL DISCOVER PROVEN ANSWERS.

IMAGINEWhen you become a Transaction Engineer, you?ll have everything you need to hit the ground running and start racking up staggering new profits and eliminating expensive bad habits immediately?so you can routinely grow the most incredible real estate investing business that you?ll absolutely love.

Think about this for a minute:? Wouldn’t it be amazing to finally realize that you actually could do it all along and to have the confidence of knowing your business is as profitable as humanly possible?

How would you feel knowing you?re one of the very limited investors who can count on making huge profits in real estate from now on, rather than wondering where your business will be a year from now?? This is precisely what you?ll discover.

Additional Benefits and Training Will Help You:
  • Have multiple sources of cash flow.
  • Learn to work less, and make more.
  • Avoid hidden dangers that can put you out of business.
  • Lean new investment strategies for these turbulent, uncertain times.
  • Save thousands of dollars a year in business killing mistakes.
  • Learn the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth about real estate investing.
  • Sleep better at night knowing where the next paycheck is coming from.
  • Avoid the surprising risks of owning real estate and dealing with tenants.
  • Become invisible to creditors and attorneys looking to take you down.
  • How to break the cycle of ?the more you make, the more tax you pay.?? Instead, put money away tax free for life.
  • And so much more.


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Enjoy The Training Videos,


Brian Evans



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