WHO we are

We are more than just a Real Estate Investing training company, we’re your Real Estate For Profit and Real Estate Wealth solution. The importance of getting started in real estate and investing the right way as a Transaction Engineer has never been greater. Increasing competition, educational overload, ever changing market conditions – you have to rise above it. We’re here to help you!? Being a Transaction Engineer is unlike any other real estate investing training strategy you may have ever heard of, or even worked with.

We are unique in two distinct ways:

(#1)? We show you how to get started in Real Estate by investing as a Transaction Engineer
? If you are brand new to this business then we know how scary it can be in the very beginning.? Therefore we believe the most important thing you can do at this time is to get trained properly on How To Invest For Profit.? We provide each customer with a state of the art online training platform that offers you lifetime membership to the members area for only a one time purchase.

Once you learn how to invest in Real Estate For Profit we then show you how to invest for Real Estate Wealth.? This strategy is ultimately about being a Transaction Engineer.

(#2)? We Provide Affordable Solutions
Our online training platform allows us to keep printing and overhead cost low and therefore we can pass the savings on to you so you can finally learn how to invest in real estate for profit without breaking the bank.

At Transaction Engineer.com we know what drives results. You can benefit from our years of experience, extensive training resources and tools.

Definition of A Transaction Engineer is a real estate investor that is in the real estate investing business for the long term. He/she is someone that is committed to investing the right way and knows how to invest in any type of real estate deal. He/she is someone that knows how to invest when times are good and when times are bad. Whether it is a buyers market or a sellers market Knows how to creatively invest with or without cash, with or without getting ownership of a property, and with as little risk as possible. Striving to be a Transaction Engineer is the ONLY way you should approach this business.

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