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Our Transaction Engineer Training Is Simplified Into 5 Easy Steps to BUYING HOUSES & SELLING HOUSES:

Step #1: Locate Sellers & Buyers

Step #2: Prescreen Sellers & Buyers

Step #3: Construct and Present Offers to Sellers & Buyers

Step #4: Follow up and Get a Commitment from Sellers & Buyers

Step #5: Close Quickly, GET PAID, and Repeat


You Can Learn How To Invest In Real Estate For Profit and Invest For Real Estate Wealth The Following Ways

Below are the primary ways to get profit in real estate, however each numbered bullet below can literally be seen as an individual business model all by itself. In fact I could create dozens of different buying and selling scenarios with each model.

Buying Houses:

  • Buy for cash at a discount
  • Take over debt
  • Buy with seller financing
  • Buy on a Short Sale
  • Buy REO’s
  • Buy wholesale from other investors
  • Buy on a Lease Option
  • Buy using your Self Directed Roth IRA and get tax-free profits for life!
  • And more…

Selling Houses:

  • Retail the property
  • Wholesale a property
  • Assign a contract
  • Lease Option/Rent To Own
  • Cash flow from the monthly payment of your tenant buyer.
  • Cash out money when/if your tenant buyer exercises the option to buy.
  • Sell with seller financing
  • Sell your seller carry back note
  • Sell your dead leads to Realtors
  • And more…

Additionally, there are countless other income streams associated with this business with infinite possibilities that would amaze you beyond belief, and it really isn’t that complicated with the right tools, resources and systems in place.

Ultimately if you want to be very wealthy from real estate investor then you need to become a Transaction Engineer. That means you need to know and apply MULTIPLE ways to buy and sell properties. The more ways that you know how to buy and sell real estate, the more deals you can do, the more money you?ll make, the more confident you?ll be, the more control you?ll have, the more freedom you?ll have, the more secure your life will be.

The 3 Free Training Videos Will Introduce You To The Following:
  • Diversify your real estate investing business during these uncertain economic times so you can have multiple sources of cash flow.
  • Stop wasting money on hidden business costs so that your time can be focused on the generation of new income.
  • Dramatically increase the number of sellers and buyers who call you within your business.
  • Equip you with methods and strategies that not only provide great results but that have high integrity and are simple to implement.
  • Get the ?quality? not just the ?quantity? of business you desire and deserve.
  • Immunize and protect your real estate investing business from present and future threats within this ever changing market.
  • Capitalize on the present and developing boom in foreclosures and alternative methods of property acquisitions.
  • Literally become ?famous? as both a credible expert and a celebrity in your community, which automatically multiplies the results of all your marketing efforts.
  • Intelligently use and benefit from the mistakes that I?ve made as a real estate investor so that you can grow your empire with confidence.
  • Become absolutely freed from any worries about where your next deal is coming from, once and for all, and forever.


Also Begin to Discover How To:
  • Learn to work less, and make more.
  • Avoid hidden dangers that can put you out of business.
  • Lean new investment strategies for these turbulent, uncertain times.
  • Save thousands of dollars a year in business killing mistakes.
  • Learn the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth about real estate investing.
  • Sleep better at night knowing where the next paycheck is coming from.
  • Avoid the surprising risks of owning real estate and dealing with tenants.
  • Become invisible to creditors and attorneys looking to take you down.
  • How to break the cycle of ?the more you make, the more tax you pay.? Instead, put money away tax free for life.
  • And so much more.

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