Unlike many companies/trainers who invest part time (or not at all) and teach full timeWE are a business that invests in real estate FULL TIME, and offers training resources part time.?? We offer training on the side because it’s fun and many times we even split deals with our clients so it is a win-win. ?

In order to keep the cost of our training low, I want you to know that we will respond to any inquiries you have as quickly as possible, but just know that we don’t have a call center of people sitting around answering phones trying to sell you stuff.

So, my personal recommendation and request of you is this… If you are NOT yet a Transaction Engineer Member then we kindly request that you begin a relationship with us by watching the 3 FREE training videos (no selling, just education).? At least this way we’ll know that you are serious about getting started in Real Estate and we will help you as a client every way we can.?

However, If you still have questions then simply Click Here To Submit A Support Ticket and I will respond to you personally within 24-48 hours.?

Thank you! ?


Brian Evans,

Full Time Investor, 2x Best Selling Author, President


No Regrets Only Results, LLC

3070 Lakecrest Circle 400-260

Lexington, KY 40513


Click here to get 3 FREE training videos (no selling, just education)

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