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Hi Brian, In my current real estate investing business your Transaction Engineer program has been the key component to getting my business launched. I want to thank you for the amazing tools. You have such a clear system to making this business work. The literature that you provide is easy to understand and unlike other programs that I have in my collection, yours breaks down each part of the process giving me all the information I need to be very successful in real estate. Thank you again for creating this program and sharing it with myself and other investors. You have a great gift in your teaching methods and style that enables others to learn from you easily?and make a lot of money along the way. Best Regards, Elizabeth Lisk, Lake Forest, IL.


My thoughts about Brian…I?m a strong believer in the saying that if you feed a man a fish, he eats for a day, and that if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. But when you?re investing your last fish to learn person to teach you how to fish for a lifetime, the fear can be intense. This was the situation I found myself in.

Having the opportunity to learn from a master in a field that you have a desire to learn about, is ridiculously priceless. The amount of brain-picking Brian lets you do is pretty generous. My advice to anyone planning on getting training or mentoring from Brian, or anyone else for that matter, would be to develop a hunger to learn. No matter how great a teacher may be, a student is not likely to learn much without a desire to learn. Also, keep in mind that you?re not only learning about a business on real estate investing. You?re also learning about yourself, so always stay aware of this and allow yourself to see more ways to grow. This training is definitely intense, but also really fun and enlightening. But don?t expect to learn everything there is to learn, because there is always something else to learn.

I admit I haven?t worked with many mentors, but I am very skeptical that there is anyone else offering the kind of help that Brian offers and in the way he offers it. My perception of Brian after receiving what he?s given me thus far, is that he genuinely has an actual desire to help people that are genuinely willing to help themselves. I believe that he not only wants to teach his students how to fish, but wants to teach them? how to teach themselves? how to fish.

Thanks for everything, Brian. I have a feeling that I owe you much more than what I paid you.

Thaddeus Rivaldo, Rochester, NY


I write this to give a few thoughts on Brian, and I hope this gives some insight to others.

I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in real estate. I believe that anyone can benefit from this experience if he or she approaches it with an open mind, an eye for honest criticism and a willingness to think out of the box. My observation is that even someone whose system is running smoothly can benefit from Brian?s transaction engineer style. I must extend my genuine and heartfelt thanks to Brian. I sincerely believe that the education he provided me was worth far more than any mere monetary value that was reciprocated. I also want to thank his support team for their friendly and gracious support. Please accept my gratitude. Edward Payne, New Orleans, LA.



Your training has helped me close another deal!? It’s great to see the effort and work pay off.? I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help!? It really is amazing how much as changed since I started learning from you.? There are a lot of people out there that give real estate investing advice but to have someone so trustworthy is rare.? I am really looking forward to closing all the deals that I have in the works, including one currently which should bring in about $70,000 because of your advice.? Thank you so much for your consistent and gracious support.? Joe Amick, Columbia, SC


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